Mila and Peter came to Canadian Rocky Mountains for elopement from Saskatchewan. They wanted to change the prairie’s scenery, which they see on the daily basis to something different. 

The emerald lakes, juicy green pines trees, and slowly flowing glaciers appear to them as the perfect landscape for their desired elopement. 

We met with them at the Moraine Lake, which is one of the best locations for short ceremony in the Rocky Mountains. The lake is set in the Valley of Ten Peaks surrounded by the mountains, which are so close and so tall that they create the surreal scenery. 

Moraine Lake is one of the most beautiful and most accessible lakes in Banff National Park, therefore is a very busy and touristy place, but if you look enough you can find the spot along the long shore, which is quiet and desolate. 

Patrick Smiley, always happy officiant, greeted the young couple and begun the intimate ceremony. There were only bride and groom, officiant, and us surrounded by the peaks on the shore of the jaw-dropping turquoise colour lake. The ceremony was very emotional, the lovely birds exchanged their vows and signed the legal documents. 

After the ceremony the newlyweds went with us for the adventure elopement session. We decided to climb up the Tower of Babel -  the northern end of Mount Babel. Tower of Bable was first named by famous Walter Wilcox in 1899 because the tower profile reminded of the biblical Tower of Babel. The scramble was very challenging, but the view was so rewarding!! It took us less then 2 hours to get to the top of the Tower. 

At the top of the peak Mila and Peter changed to their official wedding outfits. We started the session, all of us were amazed by the surroundings and views. 500 meters below us were the blue waters of the Moraine Lake. We were alone and Mila almost exploded with the joy. Despite of the scatter showers we were so happy and cheerful, and nothing couldn’t kill our optimism.  The way back was very fun, because basically we ran down on the scree through the steep gully to the parking lot.

As a hiking elopement photographers we love working with amazing couples who love adventure. Thank you Mila and Peter for a wonderful time.

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