Andrea and Scott got married at the beautiful Pyramid Lake Resort in Jasper National Park. The Pyramid Resort is open year round and offers stunning hiking trails. There is Pyramid Mountain and Patricia Lake by the Resort.

Wedding Day

It was raining on they wedding day. Rain and light fog created a wonderful mood for the photos. Even though it was raining during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom and the wedding guests had a wonderful time.

Their love story

Andrea and Scott's met at the Drum & Monkey about 10 years ago. It wasn't until reconnecting at their friend James & Kim's engagement party in 2012 that their love started to blossom. The night after this party, they had their first real date, which involved a long walk in the park on a winter's day ! Scott learned after the fact that Andrea was actually really cold during the walk, but she was a good sport about everything. This was the start of their amazing journey!

Their love story really took off once they moved into together and got their first dog Daphne....  then Andrea and Scott needed a bigger yard, so they set out to buy their  first house... and then they got their second dog Stella.... then soon afterwards they had their son Connor!

Scott had proposed a master plan to propose to Andrea at Storm Mountain Lodge during their anniversary in November. They had recently found out that Andrea was pregnant in the summer of 2016 and so Scott needed to accelerate his proposal plan! Andrea and Scott had already planned a trip to Arizona in the October of 2016 and Scott had revised his master plan to propose to Andrea at the Grand Canyon! Prior to going on this vacation, Andrea had mentioned to Scott that she didn't want a whole bunch of people to be around and she also specifically mentioned that she didn't want to be proposed to at the Grand Canyon. So this required a further revision to Scott's plan! Scott decided that it would be most fitting to just do something simple and elegant, and find a perfect moment to propose when it was just the two of them. Scott decided that he would propose on a hike on one of the beautiful red trails in Sedona, at the edge of a large ledge that overlooked the valley.

 It was a serene setting on a beautiful day and it was really just the high point of a very memorable vacation. The sun was shining, the air was still and we were out in this beautiful and unique landscape unlike any they had ever seen before. When Scott found the perfect spot, he pulled the ring out of his bag and got down on one knee and proposed to Andrea. She said Yes!!Scott had tricked Andrea into thinking that it wasn't possible for a very special engagement ring that she wanted from a jeweler out of New York to be purchased, so she was pleasantly surprised when she received the ring of her dreams... despite the fact that it was a bit of a tight fit, due to a long day of hiking!