Antonia and Randy met online. Randy sent a really adorable rambling message to Antonia and she had to respond. 

Antonia and Randy had their firs (6hour!) date at Vi's for Pi's, and instantly hit it off They move in together after a year and Antonia's dog Ollie found a new best friend. 2 years later they decided to go to Vi's for Pie's to celebrate their anniversary. Even though it was 26 degrees outside Randy insisted on bringing his jacket, which Antonia  remember telling him was completely pointless. In that jacket pocket was a ring box, which Randy presented to Antonia after getting down on one knee and asking Antonia to marry him right in the middle of the patio of the restaurant. Antonia was so shocked it took her 2 days to recover! Lol

Antonia and Randy your wedding was a beautiful event surrounded by warm and kind friends and family! Congratulations!!!