We are so excited to present Christina and Jimmy's Hiking Adventure Wedding Session in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

We hiked for two days in order to get to the breathtaking and unique locations at Mount Assiniboine. We have done 20.5 km in one day with the extremely heavy backpacks. The second day we hiked only for 8 km. Everybody on our path was amazed by Christina and Jimmy determination. We met a wonderful hikers from the all of the world. It was our first backpacking adventure wedding session done at Mount AssiniboineProvincial Park. We were and still are amazed by how the beautiful Mount Assiniboine vistas are. As a hiking wedding and elopement photographers we believe that this distinctive and stunning scenery could be so spectacular and dreamy for mountain elopements and mountain weddings.

We spent four days on our adventure wedding session, one day shorter than we planned originally. We slept in out tents at the beautiful Og Lake campground which we booked months in advance.  We supposed to hiked the last day back to the parking lot at Sunshine Village. Because of the heavy rain we decided to fly back by the helicopter.‚ Thank you so much Christina and Jimmy for not giving up! You are the best!

wedding couple by mountain reflection
Bride and groom and reflection of Mount Assiniboine in the lake.
eloped couple holding hands in the mountains
Elopement at the Mount Assiniboine.
Elopement kiss at Mount Asinniboine.
Mount Assiniboine hiking elopement.
Mount Assiniboine elopement photographer.
Mount Assiniboine hiking photographers
Mount Assiniboine elopement photographers
Mount Assiniboine wedding
Rocky Mountain elopement
Banff Wedding Photographer
Backpacking wedding
Rocky Mountain bride.
Backpacking elopement.