Chantel and Grant had a gorgeous ceremony, and charming, cozy reception at the Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton.

Chantel and Grant met at Big Valley. Chantel was camping with a mutual friend, the first night they instantly hit it off. Grant  made such an impression she already had a nickname for him  "Farmer Charmer". After Big Valley they went on their first real date to Long Lake for a day of fishing, boating, relaxing and supper over a fire. The date went amazing there was so much they have in common in things they enjoy, believes and goals for the future. From then on Chantel and Grant were nearly inseparable spending as much time as possible getting to know one another from hiking in the mountains, changing tires on the side of the road or just sitting on the couch spending the whole night talking. After that another major milestone is when Chantel introduced Maxine to Grant at the Edmonton Space and Science center. Grant was really nervous as he doesn't have kids or have ever really been around kids. The day started off with them both being shy but after a short awkward drive they both hit it off and they have been laughing, joking and dancing ever since. From there it became apparent that Chantel and Grant were meant to be together and already started planning the rest of their lives together.

The Proposal 

Grant wanted something that would be a surprise Chantel and involve Maxine. It took him a while to figure out how to best be able to do that but one day sitting on the combine it all just came together. The plan was to tell Chantel, he was cooking her and Maxine a special supper to celebrate the end of harvest and tell her that Grant would be picking up Maxine from school to take shopping for her birthday gift which was a week away. So the day of the proposal, Grant first stopped into her Dad's work to ask for permission, after got that done picked up the ring on the way to get Maxine from school.He then took Maxine to the DQ parking lot where he asked her for permission and after she said yes he asked if she can help him. They went in and he got her to pick out the perfect ice cream cake and got them to write will you marry me onto the cake. Then they quickly bought a birthday gift and went home. Once they got home Grant shipped Chantel and Maxine off to a couple massage so he could cook supper. When they got back they had supper which he cooked the exact meal they had when they moved in together. After supper Grant grabbed the cake for dessert and then asked Chantel if she could help cut the cake. Chantel  was halfway through the piece before she realized what was written on the cake. Once she turned around Grant got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said yes of course and then they all enjoyed a giant group hug and Maxine was so proud to have played a part in it.