This story all depends on who you ask - Haley or Dee, as both of us have entertaining versions of the story. But one thing we can both agree on is that ever since we met we have been inseparable.
We met in the early Fall of 2011 (around middle of August) in a U.S. History class. Haley always sat at the front of the class whereas Dee usually sat at the back. One day, Dee had the courage to ask Haley what her name was and once he found out, he added Haley on Facebook. We became really good friends and hung out lots before we began dating. We began officially dating in the middle of November (the 19th to be exact), and ever since then neither of us could imagine being apart. Troy has been a special place for us. It was where we first met, first began dating, first lived together and many other things. Troy will always be a memorable place for us but we are excited to see where the future takes us!

We have been together since November 2011. We have been through so much together from going through University, renting an apartment, raising two dogs and a cat (whom we consider our babies), getting big-girl and big-boy jobs, moving to another city , and finally to starting a new life as husband and wife.
We love to travel, workout, cook, bake, go for walks, and watch Netflix. One of our favourite places to go is Destin, FL. There is a dog friendly beach there which the boys LOVE to play at. We also love their premium outlet shops (Dee loves to go to the Nike store)!

December 28, 2015. It was a hot day in Orlando, FL. We were getting ready to go to Magic Kingdom to enjoy the park, the rides and the beautiful day. We heard that they might close the park doors due to the sheer volume of people that were going to be at the park that day, so we were worried we wouldn't be able to get in. Haley was worried because then we wouldn't get to ride any rides or enjoy a big yummy turkey leg! Mom, Dad, and Dee were worried because the big day of Dee proposing to Haley may not take place! After riding the monorail, we ran down the sidewalks trying to beat people into the Magic Kingdom gates. And good thing we did! There were a TON of people lining up to get in. But, as God planned, we made it into the park! We were in one of Haley's favourite places - Disney - during Haley's favourite time of the year - Christmas! Disney's Magic Kingdom was beautifully decorated with lights, wreaths, and the smell of fresh cinnamon churros was unbeatable. As we walked down the main street in the park, Dee and Donna were secretly talking about different picture spots. Haley was so confused, what was the big deal? Couldn't we just pick a spot and get to the real thing that mattered - the RIDES! We continued to walk down the street, secrets of picture spots still continued, and then suddenly Donna ran into one of the Disney stores. She came out with a bag but wouldn't show Haley what was in it - she just kept saying it was a tie for Gido Bob. Haley shrugged her shoulders and kept walking. Just a few short minutes later, we FINALLY found a picture spot that satisfied Dee. Rick and Donna stood behind a lady who was supposed to take our picture but Rick and Donna acted like they did not want to be in the picture. Haley, yet again, was confused. Dee kept looking at Haley and smiling but Haley was wondering why he was not posing for a picture and facing the picture lady. Next thing Haley knew, Dee was on one knee and Haley was not even sure exactly what he said because she was so stunned, but she figured it was along the lines of "will you marry me". She shook her head as to say YES! as her body locked up, literally. People around Haley and Dee, who did not even know them, clapped and were saying congratulations! Haley was in awe the rest of the day. December 28, 2015 was an amazing day and will never be forgotten!

The future holds big things for us and we are so excited to kick our life journey off with this wonderful wedding!
We are thinking that its going to be hard for us to settle down in one place for a while as we love to travel and explore new places. We would like to try live in a couple different places before deciding where we want to settle. Colorado has been a big talk lately. Another thing on our list to do is to travel to different places like perhaps Europe as Dee has never been!
We are just really excited to be able to start our lives together as adults and no longer university students! We plan to enjoy life as a married couple for a while before talking about any kids, there will be lots of time for that and we want to enjoy being a married couple for a while before doing that! For now, we love our three fluffy kids we call Tex, Beaux, and Olive.

We had an amazing time on your wedding day! Congratulations Haley and Dee !

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