950 meters of climb. 20 km of hiking trail.

 Britt and Dylan can claim their position in our Pantheon of Fearless Couples. We decided to go with them to the place called by the locals the Gate of Mordor. The name, which fully suits the hardship of the travel. We felt like the Frodo and Sam in their journey to the land ruled by the Sauron. 

The gate is defended not by Orcs but by the Grizzly bears. We didn’t want to encounter them, so we were very loud shouting from time to time “HEY BEAR”. We were lucky we haven’t seen any of those antient defenders of beauty. 

Around 6 am we reached the top of the mountain and we started the session, amazed by the beauty of the Gate of Mordor in the red streams of morning light.

It was an amazing hiking adventure with a great couple Britt and Dylan during the night in magnificant Kananaski this summer. We aimed for sunrise session at the top of the mountain. We wasn't disappointed. We got amazingly colourful sky and we were able to take  clouds drama images during the pre wedding session. Thank you Britt and Dylan for a great adventure together.

Another post from sunrise pre wedding session :) ----->   Thuy and Howard at Lake Minnewanka    

Sunrise wedding
Sunrise elopement
adventure elopement