Jacqiu and Arron's wedding took place in Edmonton during the summer. Their ceremony was set up outside at the River Valley. We took some photos under the high level bridge just next to the ceremony place. Later we went to El Cortez to take some photos and had a quick beverage in there!

Congratulations Jacqui and Aaron! 

Jacqui said :

Aaron and I met at a Roughrider game here in Edmonton- I was out with my girlfriends, Jodie and Trae. Fast forward to the half time crossfire of rushing for burgers and beers, and BANG! This guy ran into me. He said, "I like your tattoos" (I had Rider symbols on both of my cheeks)- and I said, "I like your face!" (He is an incredibly handsome man). He grabbed onto my arm as the crowd started pulling us apart, and said, "Don't let go, I don't want to lose you". And the world around us stopped for a second. I know that sounds so crazy, but it did- everything slowed down for just a moment.

 Once time caught up with us, like the gentleman he is, Aaron bought my girls and I a beverage, promptly jumped ship from his cushy lower bowl seats and climbed right to the tippy top of the nosebleeds to sit with us. As we stood in the beer line, he asked me what part of Saskatchewan I was from. I told him- Prince Albert. He said that I could not be from PA because he knows everyone from PA. I laughed and told him I left a long time ago, but that he would probably know my sister Jilly. He said "Jill Meyers has a sister!?" and "We go way back to high school, we are still good friends- she went to grad with my good buddy Jared" etc. etc. Well it turns out that he was also tight with Jill's now-husband Colin, going back even further- to almost diapers, as they shared a baby sitter- Matilda's, as Colin informed Jilly! Small world. So naturally I got on the horn with Jill, asking about this guy buying us beers. And Jill was all "two thumbs up!! He's amazing! We stayed at his house a few weeks ago when we came for Sonic Boom (a music festival in Edmonton), how have I never introduced you two!" etc. etc. So- the game wrapped up and we headed out on the town.

We met up with his posse that he left in the lower bowl, who had now ventured to Hudson's on Whyte Ave. And as we were standing outside, I heard this voice say my name- "Jacqui?" I turned around and couldn't place him immediately, but he quickly reminded me that his name was Jon Robertson, and he is not only Aaron's cuzzy, but also the little bro of a dear friend of mine from university, J.R.! Insane. 

So we both know each other's families, we come from the same hometown, and here we are, running smack into each other for the first time at a Rider game in Edmonton

.I remember telling my Uncle Stu and Sandee about Aaron at their kitchen table, and my Uncle Stu got up from the game on TV and came over to listen, saying that this was better than "Days of our Lives"- the program that my Dad, Uncle Stu, Jilly and my Grandma all keep up with!

 I can honestly say that it's true that the universe works in mysterious ways, and the irony will never be lost on me (or my family... or my friends... or anyone who really knows me at all haha!) that the girl who ran so fast from PA and has travelled the world looking for her heart has found it- with a boy from PA. Sadly the Riders lost that night, but we count it as a win!

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