Kailie and James met a few times over the years through mutual friends before they really started spending time together. They both worked at the bar at the University which is where Kailie and James started to spend time together and get to know one another better. Things started over drinks at the bar with friends, but soon they started going on more real dates, just the two of them.

Three years later, on Christmas morning James proposed. He told Kailie he didn't get the one thing he really wanted for Christmas which was for Kailie to be his wife. There were some other things in there as well, but neither of them really remember what was said. There was tears, laughter, kissing, and an engagement picture photobomb from our not very impressed puppy.Kailie had kind of expected the proposal, but when it didn't come on Christmas Eve or in her stocking she completely forgot about it and so was quite surprised. Kailie  think she was the only one - Jimmy had spoken to her parents a few months before and his friends were in the know as well.The planning started shortly after and it's been a whirlwhind up until now!

Kailie & James Wedding from Marcin Karpowicz on Vimeo.