Kristen and Carter met in high-school when they were 16. As high school sweethearts they graduated together from Boyle High School. In 2011 they moved to Edmonton together to attend university.

 5 years later as Carter was finishing his bachelor’s degree, he had secretly been saving up for an engagement ring (saving his scholarship money and working summer jobs). They both knew it was coming, but Carter did his best to keep it a secret. Carter had Kristen expecting it near the end of 2016, a few months later. 

Over the final semester of his degree Carter had been meeting with a jeweller to design a ring that Kristen would like. It was expected to be ready near the end of April after his final exams. His plan was to finish off his finals and pop the question however, he got a call from the jeweller a few weeks early telling him the ring is ready. 

Feeling excited and anxious Carter went to pick it up early. While trying to study for his exams, all he could think about was the ring and proposing. The next morning Carter decided that he couldn’t wait any longer so he asked Kristen to come for a walk down by the lakes near their house. Carter found a nice spot to sit down so he nervously asked the question.

Kristen and Carter thank you for a wonderful time on your wedding day! Congratulation!