Each year our work takes us to incredible new locations and we're finding ourselves travelling more and shooting further afield than we ever expected.
No matter how far we go it's hard to top the landscapes we have right on our doorstep and sometimes it takes a great day out with an amazing couple to remind us of that.

When we met Shantel and Nick at the start of the hike, we quickly found ourselves deep in conversation about travel, places we had all enjoyed visiting and places we still wanted to go to. It's a fair walk to the top of the mountain and it was a while before we even started taking photos. For us, the time not spent shooting is the most valuable of all, especially when it's a couple like Shantel and Nick with whom an hour feels like 5 minutes.

Their session is the perfect example of why we think it's so important to get to know the people we are photographing. We loved seeing them relax in front of the cameras, allowing us to get close enough to capture the kind of moments that we love to shoot. 

 We could have been anywhere and we would have still loved the shoot and our time spent getting to know Shantel and Nick.

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