Newson and Victoria met in the fall of 2010. Victoria was accepted into the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program at the University of Alberta and was beginning her first year while Newson was in his third and final year in the same program. The MLS program paired up third year students with the first year students as a method of tutorship and guidance, and the couple were paired up together. They quickly became good friends and spent much of the school year together, whether it was attending MLS events, joining the MLS volleyball team, or simply spending time together outside of school. When Newson graduated, the pair stayed in touch and grew closer, and in 2011 they became each other's significant other. As the years went by, Newson and Victoria continued to learn about each others hobbies, their likes and dislikes, and what made the other such a special individual. The couple purchased their first home in the fall of 2014 and moved in together in October 2015.

  Newson and Victoria love traveling together; road trips were taken to Calgary, Drumheller, and British Columbia, and the couple also flew to various places such as Las Vegas, and Atlanta, but their most magical and memorable trip was the one they took to Disney World in Florida. Disney World brought so much magic into the couples lives and became an important hobby for them: the couple never misses a newly released Disney film, they collect much of the Disney memorabilia, and now, Newson's and Victoria's wedding will have a touch of Disney incorporated into their day of celebration!Newson and Victoria share many of the same hobbies together. They both have a deep love for animals and currently share their home with two littlegerbils. The couple love spending their free time painting miniature Star Wars figures for their board game as well as entertaining their friends with their many board games. They love everything Star Wars and Marvel, Disney, Pokemon, hockey, and lastly, DINOSAURS!

  On May 23, 2016, Newson proposed to Victoria. On that day, Newson had left the house at the same time when Victoria's sister, and Maid of Honor, Christie came over. She had come over with her photographer's camera to take some photos around the couple's house. While upstairs, Christie called to Victoria to take a photo with one of her beloved stuffed animals, and that was when Victoria noticed an envelope around the neck of the stuffy. She opened it, and realized this was the beginning of a scavenger hunt! The scavenger hunt consisted of 15 clues, all of which incorporated Victoria's most cherished and loved hobbies including Ballet, Lego, her favorite Disney films and Marvel comic books, Harry Potter, hockey, Star Wars, and her pets. The clues were cleverly hidden throughout the house, covering every square inch of the home; from the top floor master bedroom to the basement. The last clue took Victoria to the kitchen in her house where Newson was waiting with a bouquet of roses and a beautiful diamond ring!