Anastasia and Chris love mountains! That is the main reason why they decided to get married in Jasper at the Pyramid Island. They were looking for an adventure mountain photographers who know how to show beauty of the mountains. Chris and Anastasia prefer wedding landscape photography than close-up pictures taken in the mountains. When we had the first meeting we knew we can created together amazing wedding pictures. Anastasia and Chris are very adventurous couple like we are. They love hiking and for after wedding session we decided backpack together to the Berg Lake in September.We cannot wait for this amazing trip!

 Anastasia and Chris met at work. First thing Anastasia heard about Chris is how energetic and always moving he is from a not so fast co-worker. When she met him in person, he was exactly like her. They were on friendship basis for a few years, then one day Anastasia's MOH invited a few people out, no one showed up but her and her boyfriend and Anastasia and Chris. That was when the sparks flew between them for the first time.

Last September long weekend Anastasia and Chris backcountry hiked to Mt Assiniboine. The first night in at lake Og they endured through rain all night then they got snowed in in the morning so they figured they’ll push through the storm then. The rest of the hike they had magnificent even tho cold weather. On the next day Anastasia and Chris hiked Nublet to view Assiniboine in all its glory. Once at the Nub Chris got Anastasia to close her eyes and proposed to her there. It was so incredible! They had some friends that fell behind just before the scramble so when they caught up to them they took some photos, so they have it on record. Anastasia could not believe Chris smuggled her ring all the way there and she didn’t find it for 3 days haha. It was incredible. The next day they figured out that because of the cold they were eating more, so they packed a two day hike into one very long gruelling day.