What an amazing day we had with Andria and Jay. They are an easy going couple with lots of passion to each other. 

Their ceremony took place at the beautiful Jasper Park Lodge. After the ceremony we went to the diffrent  locations with a spectacular mountains views and captured Andria and Jay's  love and happiness.... 

Their love story :

"We could have seen each other countless times in the past.  Not knowing each other, our families vacationed in the same small city in Florida around the same times when we were young.  In our university years, we both lived in Kingston at the same time while going to Queen's, a couple blocks away from each other.  Years later, we lived down the street from one another in downtown Ottawa at the same time. We went to the same concerts, regularly used the same trail system along the canal, and taught at some of the same courses. Despite all the chances that fate placed in front of us, we didn't actually meet. 

Fate didn't give up however.  We finally met when we were both en route to Saudi Arabia to teach for a medical project. Jay felt clumsy and awkward initially, as he was struck by Andria's beauty and brightness.  Andria observed Jay with curiosity.  From that initial meeting, it took two trips to Saudi Arabia, a short side trip to Germany, a salt fountain, poetry, Tom Waits, Hemingway, a bunch of gorillas, and perseverance and patience on Jay's part. We look back on those adventures and feel very grateful that our lives came together at the time they did and in a very characteristic Andria & Jay way."

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