Kristen and Joel we had an amazing time on your wedding! Congratulation:)

They love story :

"Our story begins in the place of all relationships... McDonalds of course! Where did you think? Never never land?
Twas the summer of a long time ago. Joel needed a job. Like any self-respecting 15 year old, it was his time to grow up and start making that phat cash. Who would have thought that $5.25/hr could be made by someone so young? Of course the McDonalds nearest his house would have been the logical choice, familial ties prevented him from working at that particular location. I walked in nervous... Mom had the connections, but I still wasn't sure. I handed in my one page application and was promptly asked if I could start later that day. I worked for a few weeks before what I saw as a new girl walked in to start her shift. Turns out she had been there much longer than I, but had been away on summer vacation to the Philippines. That was the first time Kristine and I met.
For the next little while, we got to know each other. Talking led to flirting, and a young romance had started to blossom. Relationships start from many different places, some as friends, acquaintances, or others complete strangers. In our case, we started out as a team. And what a team we were! At the time, McDonalds had a guaranteed drive through time of 90 seconds or less. We were the A team. The two of us working in tandem was a sure fire way to get those times below 90 seconds.
I had known for quite some time that I wanted to ask Kristine out, but I didn't. Not because I was afraid she would say no (the flirting involved included a lot of poking, and I was confident she liked me too (which looking back would be an HR nightmare)). I didn't want to ask her out because a proper date meant I would pick her up. Being 15 at the time, driving wasn't an option. So I waited.
The day came, and I finally got my driver's license. While I was excited for the pending freedom, I was even more excited that I could finally ask out my flirt-mance. In my head, asking her out was the smoothest that any man had ever asked out any woman. I'm sure the reality came with a lot more stuttering and voice cracks. Regardless of the truth, she said yes.
For our first date, I chose the most romantic movie ever created. "The Animal" starring (yes I said starring) Rob Schneider. I picked her up for the date and was a nervous wreck. We watched the theatrical masterpiece and I brought her home. The date ended in a wonderfully awkward peck. It was wonderful. Now... if I can just remember how to get home from her place... (Google Maps had not yet been invented).
This all but made it official. We were a couple. We continued to work together and kick ass. At 16, the stress of McDonalds can be very real. The days were always better when we worked together. I remember trading shifts just to make sure we could work together.
Life at the time was a bit complicated. Kristine not being officially allowed to date meant that we had to find ways to see each other. After school, Kristine would take the bus route that added about 45 minutes of travel just to make sure that we had 10 minutes to see each other on a daily basis.
Like any good Romeo and Juliette -esque romance, things must get much worse before they get better. Her mom found out about our relationship and insisted (quite strongly) that we not see each other anymore. To say that we were both crushed was an understatement. It wasn't long before we figured out ways to get around the ban (there was fence jumping involved... but that's a story for another time).
We "officially" got back together and that's where we remained for several more years. We both finished high school and started our adventures into adulthood. Kristine, being a driven and talented person, had finished her cosmetology schooling and was promptly offered a position at one of the top salons in Alberta. The only catch was that it would require her to move to Edmonton. Yet another hurdle that we faced as a couple. She moved and we made things work. She would travel to Red Deer when she could, and I to Edmonton. It wasn't perfect, but it worked.
Eventually, I decided to pursue my own path and it led me to move to Kelowna. Again, we decided that we were greater than the distance and said that we would find a way to make it work. And we did... for a while. Eventually the distance forced us apart and we parted ways.
Although we weren't together, we somehow always ended up talking to each other. Eventually, we both ended up in a place where we were single. Obviously after this many years of always coming back to each other, we knew that something was definitely there. We decided that we would give it one more try, but remove the obstacles that had kept us apart. Joel moved to Edmonton to close the distance. With no job, no place to live, and only a diploma under my belt, what could have possibly gone wrong?
We found a place before I moved and jumped right into the deep end of living with each other for the very first time.
Times haven't always been easy for us. We have dealt with many parts of the vows that we will soon be taking. Richer and poorer, sickness and health, in good times and bad. We have dealt with the death of people close to both of us. We have dealt with the joy of pregnancy, the grief of loss, and the nervousness of trying again. We have "adopted" two wonderfully small dogs. Built our own house from the foundation up, and even brought a real live human into this world.
Our story is by no means typical. It started as a high school sweetheart romance, moved into star crossed lovers, and is now in a backwards way of doing things (house, dogs, kid, and then marriage). It isn't perfect by Hollywood standards, but neither of us would change a single moment of it. This marriage is to show our commitment to each other and acknowledge that through the many hurdles that life may offer, we will both be there to support each other when needed, push each other when required, and love each other regardless of what is happening around us.
Our story as of today is 16 years old. For many, this is a story that is well into the end of the book. For us, the story has just begun, and the best has yet to come.
If you have read this far... congrats! I would have stopped reading after the 1000 word mark. We thank you for being a part of our special day, but even more, we appreciate you being part of our special life. As much as this day is for us, we would not be who we are as individuals, or as a couple without you being who you are."

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