Cindy and Daniel's wedding was a high energy affair. They have been wonderful to work with. Great people with friends and family. 

Cindy and Daniel's love story:

"The "how we met" part isn't as exciting, but the proposal was really cute.

 Back in early august of 2016, Dan was really stressed out and tired. I assumed it was from working so much, so I decided to plan a cute date. I got a pair of tickets for a 3 hour train ride at Aspen Crossing. Wine & Cheese are provided during the train ride, there's also a candy bar, a bar, snacks and shows on the train. So on August 26, I took him to a cute brunch place, then to the train place. We had a great time on the train. However 3 hours is a long time so i started asking him how come he never buys me flowers, or takes me to that coffee place he said he would on our first date. He didnt really answer me. After the train ride, I was tired so I told him to pick wherever for dinner, he told me to drop him off at his condo first, then he'll come to pick me up. I didn't really ask why he needed to go home, but anyways an hour later, he came to pick me up with roses. I was so happy cuz I thought he finally listened to my nagging on the train. Then he also offered to take me to the coffee place (Analogue coffee), again I assume it's cuz I wouldn't stop whining about it on the train.

 We got a simple dinner, went to the coffee place, the place was so crowded cuz everyone was playing Pokemon Go there, so we joined them to play. Dan then asked me if I've ever seen the rooftop garden in his condo, I said: oh yea I've heard of it but I've never been, let's go see it! He said: sure why not. He ended up proposing to me at the garden. It was completely a surprise. First of all he kept telling me he won't be thinking about getting married until he finishes residency, so we've never really talked about it. Secondly, I planned the whole day, so I didn't expect that to happen at all! He knew me so well that he made me feel everything was my idea, to get me flowers and take me coffee and to go to rooftop garden was all mentioned by me. Originally he wanted to propose at Analogue coffee but it was way too crowded.

 All of our friends told me he's so romantic and thoughtful to take me on a trainride with wine & cheese etc, but I actually planned the WHOLE day, he used that to make it to a proposal, I must say that was very smart cuz now he gets all the credit haha"