Courtney and Michael met through friends. 

Their proposal story:

On the day of the proposal, Courtney woke up to a letter that sent her on a scavenger hunt throughout the day. Her first map and clue led her to the nail salon where she was pampered with a manicure and pedicure. Her next map and clue led her back to her house where she found a treasure box hidden in her backyard in a heart shaped mound of snow. In this box was her next map and clue which led her to The Duchess Bakery where her sister who lives out of town surprised her. Her sister had the next clue which led her to the mall to purchase a new outfit for the night. Once this outfit was purchased she was given her next clue which gave her a map of where to meet Mike later that night. She went home and got ready, very anxious to see Mike. When she showed up at the location the map had lead her to - a stairwell in mill creek ravine- there were tealight candles lighting the path for her to take. There were small chalkboards in which pointed her in the right direction and she followed the path until she saw Mike. He was standing in a heart shape made out of roses and candles, with lanterns hanging in the trees. This is where he asked the big question and of course Courtney said yes. Courtney's sister was also hiding in the trees, capturing pictures of this romantic event. Courtney and Mike later went for dinner to celebrate their engagement.

We had an amazing time on your wedding day! Congratulations Courtney and Mike!

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