Sharon and Brett met at a wedding a little over 5 years ago. Brett introduced himself and invited Sharon for a dance which turned into many and they danced the entire night. 

Sharon lived in Edmonton at the time and Brett in Red Deer so there was lots of driving back and forth to see each other but it was definitely worth it. After a year and a half they decited they wanted to wake up every morining together so Sharon moved to Red Deer.

For work Brett has to travel to Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. In June of 2014 he brought Sharon along for a trip. They went  out on the boat in the Persian gulf with a picnic and a frisbee to find a nice cove and that's were Brett Popped the Question and suprised Sharon with a beautiful ring!

Here they are today looking for a stunning honeymoon and then starting a family.

Congratulation Sharon and Brett! 

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