Spencer was a professional alpine skier sliding down the slops reaching speeds of 80 miles per hour. His approach to the downhill skiing reflects his approach to his life. Speed, fewer turns, and vertical drop, which can be translated to "take the live and experience as open as possible". 

That kind of personality trait attracted Kourtney so much that she felt in love with Spencer very deeply and quickly. Their relationship wasn't based on magnetism of differences. In contrary they laid the foundation of their love on their similarities. Kourtney resembles Spencer like two drops of water. 

The only place, which somehow reminds themselves was Sunshine Mountain Lodge.  This beautiful lodge is located in the best ski resorts in the world - Sunshine Village.

 Delirium Dive - steep slope on Goat's Mountain in Sunshine Village was like their love - fast, deep and unpredictable. At the top of the Strawberry chair is the continental divide monument, which supposed to symbolise two souls of Kortney and Spencer united into one eternal structure.

 From far behind Mt. Assiniboine like the godfather was blessing their wedding. 

The final element of their puzzle of life was a storm. The greater the storm the brighter their rainbow.

 Finally, during their ceremony expected storm came. In the beginning quietly strewed the snowflakes across the surrounding hills. Later turned into the windy twister, which brought back the portrait of the married couple. Devotion, charisma, and enthusiasm. Lastly during their first dance the storm went away left behind two sparkles in their eyes starring at each other.

bridesmaid ironing her dress
makeup artist sprays bride's face
bride smiling in the mirror
family hug
mother fixing the makeup
bride and bridesmaids having drinks outside the sunshine village
bride putting her wedding dress
bride hugging the best fiend
bridesmaids helping bride put her shoes on
sunshine village winter wedding ceremony
sunshine village ski resort winter wedding
groom looking at the bride during the winter wedding ceremony
groom puts wedding ring on bride's finger
groom holding the bride
bride and groom on the ski lift at the Sunshine Village
bride and groom having fun at the Sunshine Village
bride and groom kissing in the sunshine village gondola
married couple entering wedding venue at the Sunshine Village

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