Shannon and Dustin's summer wedding was an incredible to be part of, it had such an amazing atmosphere . 

The ceremony and reception took place at the elegant and beautiful Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

Shannon and Dustin are high school sweethearts. They started dating just over 8.5 years ago when they were 16. They were on and off for a little bit throughout high school but when they graduated they decided that what they wanted was to be together. From that point forward they chose to overcome all of life's challenges together. In January 2016 Shannon and Dustin purchased they first home together and that summer they expanded their family with their incredible bulldog, Jax. In late November of 2016, Dustin took Shannon to Banff for the weekend to celebrate her birthday. They had an amazing weekend filled with great food, adventure, and romance. The Monday after that weekend in Banff, Dustin got up early to go get Shannon breakfast - how sweet right? But really he was going to ask Shannon's dad for her hand in marriage. Dustin had tried multiple times before the weekend to Banff but Shannon's dad never caught on when he was trying to get him alone! So later that Monday, Dustin and Shannon had dinner and then he brought in some flowers for her. He called her over to him to read the card that came with the flowers. The card read, "In loving memory... of being boyfriend and girlfriend." Shannon covered her face as the tears started to fall. She turned around and Dustin got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Although it was a blur for Shannon, she will never forget his trembling hands as he put on the engagement ring. Immediately, they called their friends and family who all couldn't believe that it finally happened!

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