We are not sure if you are aware that we offer after wedding session in any our wedding photography packages.

We love mountains! We are nature lovers!. We can go for a crazy long hikes 25km with our couples - we did that hike with Alicia and Armando in order to arrive to a very stunning places where others are not taking photos. We can promise that your wedding or engagement pictures can be very unique! Example: Ashley and Alex, Shelby and Kevin, Phoebe and Joel, Christine and Jimmy.

 We can go camping in the mountains over night in order to capture the most breathtaking photographs during the sunrise or sunset. Example: Courtney and Justin, Madison and Thomas, Christina and Dustin

We also can travel to the very remote places and backpack for 5 nights in the wildernes in order to have a real adventure and unbelievably extraordinary wedding photos.

We believe that Canadian Rocky Mountains have the most remarkable sceneries, phenomenal lakes and incredible wildlife. We really love taking photos of the squirrels. We got very famous for squirrel photobombing Kelin and Spencer's engagement session in Banff.

We also photograph elopements in the mountains plus offer adventure sessions on the same day . For example with Melissa and Greg who eloped last year we documented their ceremony and we had a pleasure to be their witnesses ! :) No other people were around only bride and groom, two photographers and our wonderful officiant Carl. After morning ceremony we went for splendid hike together, we achieved marvelous photos and had inspiring time talking to those two beautiful souls. Examples: Melissa and Greg, Alana and Jeff, Mary and Mark, Lauren and Thomas.

We also have lots of international clients who love our style of photography. Most of those clients do not have a hiking gear with them, so very often we take photos at the places which are accesable from the car. Examples : Ryu and Kim, Erin and Jasmine.

We love to travel internationally with our couples too ! :)

With Justyna and Robert we went to Cuba and explored old Havana together.

With Christina and Jimmy we traveled together to Las Vegas and took outstanding images at Death Valley.

With Brandi we took bridal photos in the Valley of Fire.

With Jamesina and Stefan we went to Utah and we took images in the gorgeous Canyonland.

Not only we offer real adventure after Wedding sessions but also real adventure Engagement sessions in the mountains! Example: Linda and Sunny  Shantel and Nick, Jimmy and Christina.

Below you can find a few samples from our adventure after wedding sessions!!! Enjoy !!!!!

Spinning wedding couple